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The Institute of Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Studies (IIKCS) is a strategic research centre that was established in October 2020 under the MMUST Statutes. The Institute has been modelled around the fast-growing niche of Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems (LINKS) as conceived by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals framework.

IIKCS activities are focused on the four thematic areas namely; Biodiversity, Climate Change, Science Policy and Knowledge Transmission. On Biodiversity, IIKCS focuses on how various indigenous communities in Africa and beyond have been interacting with various forms of life, and how such interactions are being addressed by the various policies, especially the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD 1992) and the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-Sharing. Climate Change is addressed in the context of the Paris Agreement regarding its impacts on the livelihoods of various indigenous people, biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Being an affiliate of an institution of Higher Education, IIKCS is a research and policy driver towards curriculum review and development for the protection and integration of indigenous languages, knowledge and cultures as essential components of academic excellence and research.

IIKCS promotes the interaction between formal education with real life situations where culture, biodiversity and environment are indispensable components of humanity. IIKCS academic, research, innovation and outreach activities are geared towards policy development and implementation for a healthier and cohesive world with a strong foundation that is built on diversity of local and indigenous knowledge and culture. In partnership with communities, industries, NGOs, businesses and governments, IIKCS is a one stops centre through which MMUST honours the commitment to these relationships.

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